Best Surfing Beaches on the Causeway Coast 

Looking to make a bit of a surfing holiday from your next Causeway coast adventure? Surfing in Northern Ireland is a great way to spend one (or many) of your days here on the north coast, just make sure you bring booties, it can get a little chilly in the winter months if you’re not used to it. 

If you’ve been wondering where to surf in Northern Ireland, then here’s a roundup of some of our favourite epic surf spots here on the Causeway Coast. 

While we don’t have as many surf spots as our friends across the border (the west coast of Ireland is perfect for surfing) there are still some gems on the doorstep of Lagom. 


Best Time to Surf in Northern Ireland 

Before we get started, we thought it’d be worth mentioning when the surf season is. The best time to surf in Northern Ireland, like many places, is during the autumn and winter months.

If you’re more inclined to take summer surf trips, we may not be the place for you. The average water temperature during these months is around 13 degrees, but to be honest, the water isn’t too bad if you’re well equipped with a 5mm wetsuit, some booties and gloves if the cold isn’t your friend. You might also want to invest in a hood, too. 


Best Surfing in Northern Ireland

Benone Strand 

Probably one of the most popular and famous places to surf in the North Coast is Benone Strand. This seven mile stretch of coastline has small, clean waves making them great for beginner surfers. Because of its size too, you’ll find that it’s one of the quieter surf spots on the North Coast. One of the popular surf spots along this 7 mile stretch that goes from Mussenden Temple to Magilligan Point is Downhill Beach. 


Ballintoy, White Park Bay 

This is an unmanned beach, so it’s best for more experienced surfers but is perfect if you’re looking for something a little more secluded for surfing.



A great spot to surf in the winter months, at mid-tide. It isn’t as beginner friendly as some of the other spots mentioned in this article, but if the waves are clean and you’re with a group of experienced surfers, this is a great hotspot to brush up on your surfing skills as it’s pretty quiet. It’s just down the road from The Surf Shack, a popular spot for locals that does cracking food and a hearty hot chocolate which is perfect after a day in the freezing (or just about freezing) water. 


Whiterocks Beach, Portrush

A super scenic place to catch some waves and it’s beginner friendly as there’s a surfschool, Sub6, right next to the beach. You can book lessons as an individual if you’re looking for 1:1 support, but they also have group options which work out a little cheaper at £40 per hour.


Runkerry Beach (Bushfoot Strand), Portballintrae

Another one for the experienced surfers and a bit of a hidden surf spot, Runkerry Beach offers some of the best surfing in Northern Ireland offering big waves in winter and strong currents to contend with. 


Map of the Surf Beaches in Northern Ireland 

Below you’ll see a map of the surf spots we mentioned above if you want to take a day trip from Lagom.

If you’re looking to rent a board, we recommend heading over to the Surf Shack in Castlerock who have a great selection of surf boards to choose from and decent rates, too.  

Let us know below  if you’re planning on checking out any of these local surf spots on your next visit to Ballycastle and stay at Lagom 🏄 – and be sure to share your favourite surf spots with us over on social media.