Elope to Lagom

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Step 01:

Reach out to us using the form below, and we’ll schedule a time for a brief conversation about your desires and plans!


Step 02:

Let’s lock in your date! We’ll assist you in selecting the most suitable date that aligns with the season and availability considerations.


Step 03:

Start orchestrating the finer details. Your planner will help select your dream location and start crafting a day that’s exclusively yours.



Creativity Unleashed

An elopement is a deeply personal journey, and we’re here to make it extraordinary. Lagom, combined with our coastline provides the ideal blend of intimacy and luxury, where you can fully embrace the coastal beauty of the Irish countryside. This is your opportunity to craft a unique, heartfelt celebration that mirrors your creative vision. Our team is dedicated to curating your elopement into a cherished, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Perfectly Exclusive – Perfectly Unique

Our commitment to exclusivity is unwavering. We have chosen to host only a very limited number of elopements each year, ensuring that each one receives our undivided attention and dedication. This deliberate decision is driven by our desire to create an intimate, personalised experience for each couple. By limiting the number of elopements, we can focus on curating every detail to perfection, guaranteeing that your special day remains truly exceptional and unique. We understand that every love story is distinct and beautiful in its own way, and our goal is to make your elopement an authentic reflection of your unique bond and journey together. 

The Tailored Irish Experience

An Irish elopement extends far beyond the mere exchange of vows in a picturesque setting. It’s that enchanting sensation of strolling hand in hand through verdant meadows, gazing upon the frothy waves dancing on a slate-colored sea. It’s the exhilaration of leaping from one stone to another at Giant’s Causeway, or sensing the profound historical aura beneath the looming presence of Dunluce Castle. It’s an escape to a realm of beauty, mythology, and enchantment, where love and adventure intertwine, making a home in your hearts. And when you choose Lagom to base this from, this magical experience extends to your resting place, where the allure of Ireland is just outside your door.

Our team; all locally sourced from the rugged Irish North Coast is there to help: ensure you find those secret hidden locations, get those crazy ideas off the ground, avoid the crowds of gawking tourists, ensure you’re booked into the best local eateries & of course catch that trad band at the local pub with a cold Guinness in hand. We’re not just your hosts & planners; we’re your trusted local insiders, dedicated to ensuring your experience is nothing short of extraordinary!

Pricing & Capacity

All packages include: your Personal Local Planner, 2 nights Luxury Accommodation, Wedding Celebrant, Photographer & choice of Ceremony Location.

Intimate Elope: (made for 2) £3545
Mini Elope: (made for 3-4) £3945 (includes private hot tub)
Elope: (made for Maximum of 20) £9645 (includes private hot tub & access to grounds and gardens)



We have an extremely limited number of openings through out the season for full Elopements – please see below our last available Elopement spaces. *Mini or intimate elopements can be arranged separate to this list.

    • March 21st 
    • April 24th
    • May 22nd
    • June 19th
    • July 3rd
    • September 25th
    • TBC – Contact the team

So whats Included?

Intimate (just the couple) & Mini (3-4)
    • 2-3 online consultations with a local planner who will liaise and coordinate your plans with all vendors
    • Unlimited support – ping us an email with all questions big or small!
    • Location guide and personalised timeline
    • Humanist Celebrant who will create and conduct a completely unique bespoke ceremony
    • 4-5 hours photography coverage
    • Usable edited images in an interactive gallery that they can share with friends and family
    • Unlimited high resolution downloads with print release
    • Option to add on additional services including: hair, makeup, flowers, transport and videography
    • 2 Nights Luxury Accommodation in our Elopement suite
    • Mini only* Private Hot Tub access
    • Access to the Gardens & Grounds
Elopement (5-20)
    • Up to 5 online consultations with a local planner who will liaise and coordinate your plans with all vendors
    • Unlimited email support
    • On the day dedicated coordinator to oversee plans 
    • Location guide and personalised timeline
    • Humanist Celebrant who will create and conduct a completely unique bespoke ceremony
    • Up to 6 hours photography coverage
    • All usable edited images in an interactive gallery that they can share with friends and family
    • Unlimited high resolution downloads with print release
    • Option to add on additional services including: catering, styling, hair, makeup, flowers, transport and videography
    • 2 Nights accommodation for you and the crew!
    • Private access to the gardens & grounds through your stay.
    • Private Hot tub access

Optional Extras
    • Hair
    • Makeup 
    • Bridal Bouquet 
    • Boutonniere 
    • Catering options 
    • Videography 
    • Transport 
    • Musicians 
    • Wedding Cake 


What is the difference between an elopement and a micro wedding?

When it comes to an elopement, the key thing to remember is that it means throwing the rule book out the window. The word ‘should’ does not exist when it comes to an elopement. And that is largely facilitated by it normally being just the two of you. As soon as you have other people to consider, you’re technically not eloping. However, we understand that having a couple of witnesses is sometimes essential.


A micro wedding starts to follow a more traditional format; with elements like a sit down dinner, family pictures or cake cutting. Basically, if you’re organising anything other than a ceremony and an adventure, we’d classify it as a micro/intimate wedding.

What does the planner do?

Your personal planner will help you take your vision and make it a reality. Being local, our expertise in local vendors, locations, timings and infrastructure are invaluable when it comes to planning the finer details of your elopement. 


Through multiple consultations your planner will organise any extras you need; such as bouquets, hair, makeup, food etc. They liaise with the vendors and coordinate everything so that you only have to deal with one person

Do the prices include taxes? And how do we pay?

All the prices given to you include taxes and card payment is available so you can pay by credit or debit card online. It couldn’t be easier.

What do we do if it rains on our elopementday?

It is Northern Ireland so rain is a possibility here all year round. We personally think it adds to the magic and can make for some really epic photos. It really is about embracing it. However, your experience is always the priority which is where your planner and our local knowledge comes in. By working with local vendors, we can offer flexibility when it comes to timings. Lagom also lends itself beautifully to a rainy day; with the gardens being perfect for a ceremony and you can warm up again inside before/after heading for photos along the coast.

Can we customize the packages?

Absolutely, you can customize everything and add on options for your day. We also have connections with incredible local experience providers. You could go horseback riding; on a boat trip; even a helicopter ride. The potential is endless for the ultimate adventure.

Can we stay longer than 2 nights?

Of course, subject to availability, you can extend your stay. We would love to have you.

Can we get legally married?

The short answer is yes you can. And your celebrant and planner will discuss the options for that. However, if traveling from outside of the UK, you will require a special visa to get married here and you will need to organise your paperwork yourself. We will signpost you to the relevant places but can not assist with the legal arrangements for your wedding. Most couples tend to have their Celtic/Irish ceremony here and do the paperwork at home. It tends to be quicker, easier and less expensive.

What currency do you take?

We are based in Northern Ireland, which takes British Pounds. Most places take card here so you don’t need to bring too much cash. And tipping is not expected here the way it is in the states.

How is best for us to get around?

The infrastructure here isn’t great so we recommend hiring a car so you can make the most of your trip. Always book in advance and request an Automatic. It’s honestly not that hard driving on the other side of the road, just watch out for roundabouts and always look to your right. 


On the day of your elopement, if you’re wanting to have a drink or not worry about driving, we can organise transportation through our trusted vendors. We’ve got everything from vintage VW campers to Range Rovers. We can also connect you with a local tour guide who can show you around while you’re here too.

How many locations can we get to during our Northern Ireland elopement?

The great thing about the Causeway Coast, and especially being based at Lagom, is that everything is within a reasonable distance and none of the main locations involve major treks or hikes. Your planner will provide you with a location guide and we have some lesser known locations that we love to take advantage of as well. Within a typical 4-6 hour elopement, 3 or 4 locations are easily accessible.

What do we wear for an elopement in Ireland?

The main thing to remember is that you are on a coastline, so even on the warmer days, there is a breeze; so having a jacket or a throw is always a good idea. Sensible shoes are a MUST as the ground is uneven and those epic spots do require walking across fields shared with cows and sheep. For photos, dresses with movement work really well. And remember, you may have to climb over a fence or two, so being able to move around is definitely important.


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