Lagom – progress update 02

One of the many things we love about the Lagom project is the current original stone and brickwork of the Big House. One of the decisions were juggling is do we rendered the property or should we keep some of the original stonework visible. As anyone who knows running your own business or project can leave your working like the proverbial duck…. legs going billy-0 while appearing to glide along the surface. At one level there is nothing to do but keen going but when the pressure is on it just makes sense to ask for help. As we arrive into a thriving hospitality accommodation scene in Ballycastle and across the North Coast were conscious that we want to work smart and not just hard.

We’re thinking how can we collaborate with local hospitality and experience based businesses’ where we can mutually benefit from the same customers. We will be adding our voice to the many others who are inviting staycationers and travellers from further afield to come and discover our #giantspirit. What will these visitors do when they visit us? We plan to build a menu that profiles the services and businesses that are already established or are just getting going locally. If you are involved in such a venture and would be up for collaborating with us, then please do get in touch with us.

We love that the original stonework is a reminder of the long history of the Big House, a building with a special architectural or historic interest Grade B+ listing. How do we connect with and honour that past whilst completing renovation works that will see this property out-live all who are currently working to make Lagom a reality here in Ballycastle?

rWhat would you do, render the building with a “new” modern skin designed in the 21st Century or let the building breathe in her original stone and brick skin (albeit with a little 21st Century tender loving care applied)?

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If you are interested in collaborating message or call Matt on 07956964433, we’d love to meet up and have you visit the property to experience for yourself what we are building towards.