Lagom – progress update 03

When we stay in new places which we love to do, it is the little things that matter to us. The feel of the bedding, the quality of towels, the gentle support of a sofa, the aesthetic coordination, fixtures and fittings being in place as designed. One of these details on its own might not negatively impact our stay in a place but they add up and that synergy we believe corresponds to the quality of guest experience. Lagom (meaning just the right amount or perfect simple) aspires to create spaces that are infused with Lagom energy so that – not to get all Kevin McCloud – being in our space does your human being much good. We are not just about bodies in beds for profit, although like you we have bills to pay. We are about curating quality experiences that enable guests to escape their everyday and discover more of what it is that gives you that vibrant sense of being alive. Or as one of our favourite poets says, “what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life” (Big UP Mary Oliver)!

Maybe just some space to breathe does it for you, showering your head with a change of scenery and pace. Or perhaps you’re wired to crave a little more adventure and you need to stretch and move your body. Maybe you just you are looking for some quality time with someone you love and you long to listen to and connect with each other, while meandering around the North Coast eating and drinking as suits you. One of the magic things about our locality is that all of these options, and so much, are immediately available on our doorstep. 

We’re writing little Lagom updates every week and so if you want to receive these directly to you inbox please drop your email in the “be the first to know” section at the bottom of this page. As we progress our offering we are keen to collaborate with other local businesses around how their offering might be of interest to Lagom guests. Please reach out to us if you’d like to have a conversation about how we might collaborate and support one another – as local businesses. You can message or call Matt on 07956964433, we’d love to meet up and have you visit the property to experience for yourself what we are building towards.