Lagom Progress Update 10

We’ve been working on the small details at our Ballycastle accommodation the last couple of weeks and have made a tonne of progress across the entirety of the build.

Since our last update, the biggest changes are down on the basement level and on the top floor where the kitchen and common area is starting to take shape.

As you can see below, in the kitchen we’ve started to install the cabinetry and should be adding doors and appliances in there shortly.

The electrics are all wired in, we’ve got some statement lighting up and we’re ready to install the wall sockets. Every day it looks more and more like a space for a bit of community cooking.

Across the way in the common area, we’ve still got a bit to do, but we’re looking forward to decorating this space into a cosy area to relax and potentially hold small events in the future.

As you head down the staircase, the timber treads have now been installed and it just warms the whole space up – plus we love the added features like the globe finial. 

The mosaic at the entry where you head down to basement level has also been completed and a few more are underway across the property.

The bunk beds are now more than just a timber frame and are just about ready to go once we finish off the paint job, progress has come along way down here in just two weeks; we also installed some accent lighting in the room.

As we head into our standard rooms, the bathrooms are pretty much complete and the odd bit of furniture/storage is starting to go in there. All wall sockets and additional lighting are in and we dare say they’re pretty much done except from the furnishings. We’re looking forward to  sharing the final product with you shortly.

Behind the scenes, we’ve also been working on the website a little more, so we can start taking bookings as soon as we have an official opening date; be sure to follow us over on Instagram or subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know when we’re opening.

We’re also working on some more travel guides to help you discover the Irish North Coast when you come stay with us. There’s lots of hidden gems in our small corner of Ireland.

Team Lagom

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