Lagom Progress Update 12

Lots has being going on at our accommodation in Ballycastle since the Xmas holidays, the lads have been grafting hard despite the snow slightly slowing down progress on the exterior in last month, we’re making serious strides this month, especially on the grounds.

They’re currently adding a driveway and enhancing the entrance of the property. There’s always been a bit of a driveway there, but it’s currently undergoing a makeover of sorts as you can see from our latest Instagram reel. Hopefully this will be near complete by our next update.

Snowdrops are everywhere teasing a promise of spring and we’re looking forward to the warmer days and lighter nights and inside we’re focused on adding small but significant details that will make your stay here at Lagom that little bit more comfortable and memorable.

We’ve added gold/brass detailing to the numbering in the rooms and the bunks in our bivi dorm which are pretty much finished at this point. As we head upstairs we’ve also installed some under stair lighting in the stairwell to create a cozy ambiance on arrival to the common areas.

Back outside in the garden we’re also working on another side project – a greenhouse of sorts to help the garden come to life. The foundations are in and the timber frames are installed, we’re excited to see the finished product.

If you follow us over on Instagram you’ll see that the kitchen is pretty much all set. We’ve installed some tables into the and the transformation there has been insane, check out our this reel for a before and after of the space. We’ve paid attention to all the tiny details wherever you look at Lagom, creating a welcoming environment that complements your outdoor experiences in Ballycastle. As our property is a stone’s throw away from hiking trails, cycling routes, and water sports, we’ve put a lot of effort into bringing the outdoors in where we can.

Whether you’re traveling solo, with a partner, or a group, Lagom is the ideal accommodation choice for you. We’ll be opening our booking system very soon and look forward to seeing you experience the perfect combination of adventure and home comforts here in Ballycastle.

Just a reminder that those on our email list will be the first to know when the booking system is live. You can scroll to the bottom of this blog post to sign up.

Looking forward to you being able to stay with us soon!

Team Lagom ✌️