Lagom Progress Update 13

Not much visible change our Ballycastle accommodation this week after our last update, but that’s the way these builds come along sometimes. Then, it almost feels like you’ve blinked and absolutely everything has changed.

One thing we have been working on is another structure in the grounds that’ll be located at basement level; a pergola, as another space to connect with other like-minded people during your stay, share travel plans, or just take in the lovely surroundings here at Lagom.

The footings are ready and we’re sharing the progress over on our Instagram stories, so if you’re not on there already be sure to give us a follow and let us know your thoughts on it so far.

As there’s not a huge update elsewhere on the house, we thought we’d take this opportunity to share some of this week’s photos with a much earlier version from months ago so we can see how all these smaller steps compound into a huge transformation over time. When you’re on site every day or nearly every day, you can easily overlook just how far you’ve come.

The Kitchen:

Kitchen before and after Lagom holiday accommodation Ballycastle


Bathroom Transformation - Lagom accommodation in Ballycastle


Stairwell Then and now - Lagom accommodation in Ballycastle

Bedroom Towards the Beginning of the Build:

Bedroom During Build - Lagom Ballycastle

Bedroom a Few Weeks Ago:

Bedroom Almost Finished - Lagom Ballycastle

We’d love to know which has been your favourite transformation at our lodge so far. And, while we have ya, we’d love to get you on our mailing list so that you’ll be the first to know when our booking system is open and we have our “official” opening date. We’ve been building our booking system behind the scenes over the last few weeks and we should be good to go shortly. It’ll also tie in nicely with some website updates which are more reflective of the Lagom brand and what we’re trying to create here.

Looking forward to dropping in with another update soon

Team Lagom ✌️