Lagom Progress Update 14

This week, we did a full walk though of our Ballycastle lodge to see how everything’s progressing.

Image of Lagom, a refurbished holiday Accommodation in Ballycastle at Sunset

As much of the project is close to completion on the interior, it feels like the changes are relatively minor compared to previous weeks.

However, progress is being made quickly on the exterior.

As an update for this week, we thought it’d be cool to give a take you along with us for our walkthrough of the entire property (with pics included, of course) so that you can see how everything has come together at the lodge since we began documenting the big house transformation in March 2022.


Garden, Grounds & Drive

As you rock up to the main entrance of Lagom, it’s clear that A LOT has changed since our last progress update.

Make sure you check out this video of the lads installing the Pergola which is going to look epic once it’s fully completed.

The stones by the entrance have been laid and there’s been a tonne of progress to the pathway, entrance and surrounding landscape.

Now that the weather is treating us a little better, minus the random March snowstorm, it’s great to be cracking on with those outside projects.


Ground Floor

We’re still working on the space around the main entrance, but the mosaic tiles we featured in past build updates are now fully completed alongside and there’s cloakroom space as well as a public toilet in this area too.


Basement Level

As you head down the stairs to the basement level, we still have some bits to do to get these rooms to completion.

Room 2 is another double room and is one of our accessible rooms with a great, wet room style bathroom and views of the grounds. We’re still working on fully furnishing and finishing this space but will likely see more progress in our next update.

picture of one of the accessible double rooms at lagoon holiday accommodation in ballycastle as well as an image of the accessibble wet room

Room 1 is the dorm room, super spacious beds and access to a shared bathroom; perfect for backpackers or if you’re booking as a larger group of friends.

We also have laundry facilities installed downstairs and ample space for any extra storage.

We’ll be sure to share more pics once these a fully completed.


Level One – Rooms

Back up a couple of floors and onto  the first level, up the stairs from the entrance, you’ll find rooms 3, 4 and 5.

Each room is accessible using a unique pin code which will be dropped to your email list ups.

Room 5 is a family space, featuring a couple of bunk beds, a main double room with lounge space, and an en suite bathroom.

Final touches to this room are yet to be added but it’s almost there!

Room 4 is a double room with ensuite and right now is home to the chess board if you fancy a game.

image of bedroom 4 at lagoon holiday accommodation in ballycastle. The entrance to the room shows an exposed brick wall with gold detail lettering. The image on the right is of the double room itself which features a spacious double bed and chess board setup.

Finally room 3 is a smaller double space room with custom en suite. Right now it still needs some work finishing things off and is a bit of a storage space right now whilst we focus on finishing the build. We’ll be sure to share pictures of this as we complete this room.


Mezzanine and Library

Just before you reach the upper floors you’ll find the library tucked away with some great reading material from local and international authors.

This space was one of the first rooms we completed and absolutely love how it’s turned out; we really made the most out of one of the smaller spaces here at Lagom.


Upper Floors – Kitchen and Common Area

At this point the top floor is pretty much complete bar furnishings for the living space which will be arriving soon.

It’ll be a great place to connect with likeminded locals and visitors to the North Coast sharing that sense of adventure.

Fun fact about our ceilings, the beams are made from old ships masts.

picture of the common living area at lagoon holiday accommodation in Ballycastle.

As you head into the kitchen area you can also see that’s pretty much complete and fully installed and once again has super high ceilings as well as a communal space to eat and chat with others staying in the lodge. The biggest feature in here has to be the reclaimed lights which were sourced by our owner, Jordan.

That’s about it for this week folks.

Be sure to join the mailing list for more updates and be the first to know when we’ll be opening our doors to the public. Not long now 🤞

Team Lagom