Lagom Progress Update 6

So much has changed since our fourth update on this Ballycastle accomodation. Lots of internal features are now in place and it’s making this construction site feel more like a home. Doors make such a difference to a building. The lads are working on some customisation for our fire doors that speaks to the kind of detail that is important for us when it comes to final fittings, fixtures and furniture.

Stairway and cabinetry at Lagom Adventure Lodge

We even have layers of paint on some of the plastered walls. We’re experimenting with different textures and shades and that kind of playfulness is what you can expect when you choose to book your self-catering holiday with us when you visit the North Coast.

Experimenting with paint textures at Lagom Adventure Lodge Ballycastle

Our radiators are almost all plumbed in throughout the Big House. Their distinctive character echoes the kind of unique experience that we believe visitors will discover on a visit to the Causeway Coast and when they visit us here at Lagom.

We’re still several months from adding the final details when it comes to furniture but we’re having to start thinking about ordering as the madness of supply chains is hugely impacting what’s available when.

Meanwhile, the smart consumer units in the building are almost populated, smart access controls installed, and each day we’re getting closer to testing our various systems. We’ve also taken delivery of our first water tank and we can’t wait to have hot running water available onsite.

For those who can’t live without a connection, we’ve also installed our network cabinet meaning that the internet is available throughout Lagom; whether you need it to help plan your next North Coast adventure, catch up with friends and family, or just need to do a couple of hours work while on the road, we’ve got you covered. 

The bathroom tiling will also commence  this week and we can’t wait to share progress photos with you. As you can see, it’s all systems go from Team Lagom so we can open our doors later this year. Don’t miss out on news about when we’ll be open to our first guests by dropping your email into the “Be The First To Know” email sign up form.

In the meantime, if you’re looking to plan your next trip to the causeway coast, check out some of our travel guides, our latest post on things to do in and around Ballycastle is perfect for planning a weekend getaway. 

Team Lagom 

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