Lagom Progress Update 7

Our north coast adventure lodge has been making some crazy progress over the last few weeks. As you can see, a LOT has been going on here at Lagom since our last update. Every single day it feels like the house comes together a little bit more. Each week it’s becoming less and less of a building site and more like an accommodation that’s ready to welcome guests. Fingers crossed we can give you a more accurate estimation of exactly when that’ll be soon (sign up to the newsletter to be the first to know).

one of the rooms at lagom - north coast holiday accomodation
We’ve started placing our orders to furnish all of the rooms, and the private rooms with en-suites are just about there building wise. As of right now, we’re kind of at the mercy of supply chains but remaining positive we can get the rooms finished off shortly.

The bathrooms are being tiled as we speak which makes a massive difference but the biggest transformation has to be the fact we have doors! Who knew that they could make such an impact on a property? Turns out they do.

As we said in our last update, the lads decided to add in some custom trim to the fire doors to give them that extra pop and we’ve gone bold for the interior doors painting them black which complements the reclaimed wood flooring perfectly. It also matches our skirting boards which we felt added a bit of substance and depth to the rooms and complements the colours and textures we’ve included as part of the interior design.
Generally we’ve gone very earthy in terms of our colour scheme which is inspired by our beautiful surroundings here in the north coast of Northern Ireland. We’ve brought the theme of the outdoors in, while keeping things cosy and we just love that we’ve managed to keep some of the original features of the building in here too with the exposed brick and wooden beams.

One of our favourite rooms we’ve been working on, and is something that’s piqued your interest too, is the library which is finally starting to take shape now we’ve started installing the shelves (check out this Insta post for a bit of a before vs. during post) and reading nook. We’re still working on the logistics for a couple of extra features we’d like to add in there that we’re keeping a bit hush for now. Can’t wait to share more details soon – if we can pull it off.
Heading up the stairs half a floor into the kitchen/living space, you’ll see we’re starting to get our cabinets installed. We’re hoping to have a breakfast bar installed shortly as you can see in the plans below and then we’ll be keeping the middle open to create a larger looking living space.

lagom floor plans - adventure hostel north coast

And on top of all this, from a tech standpoint, our access control system is now up and running, all the light fittings are in and we’re testing out our audio systems. The downstairs water tank is now fully plumbed in and electrics are a go!

See you in a couple of weeks for another update.

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Team lagom ✌️

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