Lagom Progress Update 8

Everytime we check in on the progress here at Lagom, we see our North Coast holiday accommodation come to life just a little bit more. Today, we’re going to take you through a bit of a run through of the entirety of the house so you can check out the progress on each floor.

Down on the basement level, all the electrics are in, Wi-Fi set up and the boiler installed. The storage area and laundry room hasn’t started yet beyond the basic build but we’ll be getting to that in the next couple of weeks.

As we move across the hall into room one, the timber frames for the bunks are installed and en suite tiling is completed and the bathroom installation is underway. Room 2, which is our accessible room is about to be painted and have flooring installed.

As we go up a level on to the ground floor, things are looking a lot more “complete”. During our last update, you saw how far along one of our private rooms on the ground floor was and that tiling was underway in the en-suites. The en-suites are now just about fully installed and a few finishing touches have been added to the room ready for furnishing such as lights and power outlets.

One of our favourite features are the new door handles which are a nod to the local coastal surroundings of Ballycastle where Lagom is situated.

There are a few more rooms that we’re working hard on, on the ground floor, and eventually there’ll be 2 standard rooms and a spacious family room which includes plenty of living space and bunks (timber frames installed for these, too). The family room is in the process of being painted and our reclaimed wood floors have been installed. Hopefully by the next update, progress will be looking similar to room 4.

As we head up half a floor to towards the library, you can see that the staircase has been given a bit of a makeover and the we’ve been installing some more wood panelling to the library which is now starting to take share.

As we head up the last flight of stairs to the shared living area and kitchen, things are still very much a work in progress but we expect things to transform rapidly over the coming weeks.

As always, we’ll keep you updated here and on social media when we’re ready to start accepting bookings.

Team Lagom ✌️