The heating is controlled from 3 areas:

Bottom of the stairs – (little black and white wall mounted unit). Turn the dial without pressing to set the temperature.

Ground floor bedroom – Thermostat to the right of the bed.  

Mezzanine bedroom – Thermostat to the left of the doorway


*All temperatures are in degrees celsius.


The heating is radiant & comes from the panels on the ceiling (not the radiators). You can also light the wood burning stove – after sometime this will heat the house too, via the radiators.


Hot water is automatic.


To help reduce our carbon footprint please turn off all lights when you leave 😀

Hot Tub

I you have already paid for the hot tub during your booking then this covers the wood otherwise please pay per basket you use.


1. Ensure water is filled to 20-30cm from top edge – fill from the spout to the left of the tub. Once filled cover the tub.

2. Light the fire – add wood and get the fire going. It will take roughly 3-5 hours to heat depending on exterior temp. Keep adding wood as necessary. **Remember there is no thermostat so stop adding wood when it is at temperature. If it gets too hot you can add more cold water – if you feel it cooling, light the fire again.

3. Enjoy – Light and bubbles are controlled by the buttons on the deck. Please follow all hot tub rules displayed on the sign.

4. Use the cover when the tub is not in use

5. Please empty the hot tub before you check-out.

Kitchen & Lounge

Hob – To work the hob just press on the on button and set the temperature for the ring you wish to use – if it displays ‘Lo’ this means the hob is locked – just hold the lock symbol until this disappears.

Wood burning stove – We provide a basket of wood for you to use. If you wish to use more please just pay per basket after the first – you can do so in the honesty box to the right of the stove, via the guest portal link or here .


We have bikes available for your use! To take them out:

    1. Go to your guest portal and add bikes to your booking. Follow the instructions. We take £1 to register your card.
    2. Book your bike at https://rentle.store/ridenorthcoast/shop. Choose your bike, pick a time for use (2-hour, 4-hour, or 1-day sessions), and complete the form. Use your room number as your last name and ignore the Ride North Coast price as it’s for non-guests. You can book a bike as many times as you like during your stay.
    3. Use the code 00000 & 1809 to unlock your bike and enjoy your ride!

Food & Drinks

Breakfast & Lunch

Ursa Minor – Run by Ciara & Dara they will do the best coffee in town!

The Bothy – Out towards the Causeway its a great stop for breakfast or lunch

Market Square – Great stop along the coast for lunch or just a coffee.


The Anzac – Superb local food – you will need a reservation
O’Connors Bar – Relaxed pub food with a lively atmosphere!
Mortons – this is probably the best fish and chips you’ll find anywhere!
Thyme & Co – If you can get in!
House or McDonnell – Oldest pub in the North Coast. You’ll get a great Guinness here as well as warm welcome and some traditional music!
O’Connors – Live trad music every Thursday 

Numbers & Links

Taxi numbers: 
Fast Cabs: +44 7746 609019
Direct Cabs: +44 7976 751617
Emergency Numbers: 
Emergency: 999
Hospital: +44 28 2076 2666