Lighting & Heating

You can use the main switch to scroll through the lighting scenes – just tap the middle. Some of the rooms have other functions too – try tapping the corners. 

Turn off – If you double tap the middle, this will turn off all lights in the room. You can also double tap the toggle switches too! 

All of this can be adjusted from the tablet as well. You can also set the room temperature, open the front door, see todays weather and even check the surf!

To help reduce our carbon footprint please turn off all lights when you leave 😀

House Notes

We kindly ask guests to respect everyone’s rest by keeping the house silent between 10 pm and 9 am. The kitchen is open for cooking from 7 am to 10 pm


Kitchen & Lounge

Kitchen – Help yourself to some breakfast in the breakfast section and glass fridge.

The main fridge is available for your use. Grab a basket with your room number to store your cold goods. You’re welcome to take a shelf or wicker basket for anything else. Use the chalk to make your room number and check out date. Just remember to take everything with you when you leave.

Feel free to use all the kitchen equipment and utensils, and we kindly ask that you clean up after yourself.

Lounge – The projector is easy to use, with the remote attached to the wall. To turn off lights and music, simply tap the middle of the lounge switch. Tap the middle again to turn the lights back on.

Honesty Fridge – Our honesty fridge is located in the bottom drawer of the main fridge. Help yourself to any drinks, and for payment, you have the option to scan the QR code to pay by card, leave cash in the Honesty box, or add it to your bill via the guest portal.


We have bikes available for your use! To take them out:

    1. Go to your guest portal and add bikes to your booking. Follow the instructions. We take £1 to register your card.
    2. Book your bike at Choose your bike, pick a time for use (2-hour, 4-hour, or 1-day sessions), and complete the form. Use your room number as your last name and ignore the Ride North Coast price as it’s for non-guests. You can book a bike as many times as you like during your stay.
    3. Use the code 00000 & 1809 to unlock your bike and enjoy your ride!

Food & Drinks

Breakfast & Lunch

Ursa Minor – Run by Ciara & Dara they will do the best coffee in town!

The Bothy – Out towards the Causeway its a great stop for breakfast or lunch

Market Square – Great stop along the coast for lunch or just a coffee.

Maegden – Great little cheese shop with super cafe. Perfect lunch stop.

The Anzac – Superb local food – you will need a reservation
O’Connors Bar – Relaxed pub food with a lively atmosphere!
Mortons – this is probably the best fish and chips you’ll find anywhere!
Thyme & Co – If you can get in!
The Lookout – Great view and good food!
House or McDonnell – Oldest pub in the North Coast. You’ll get a great Guinness here as well as warm welcome and some traditional music!
O’Connors – Live trad music every Thursday 

Numbers & Links

Taxi numbers: 
Fast Cabs: +44 7746 609019
Direct Cabs: +44 7976 751617
Emergency Numbers: 
Emergency: 999
Hospital: +44 28 2076 2666